My favourite baby niece needs your help!!!

Boy, do I LOVE this family!  And as much as I'm SOO happy to have them home from Dubai I so wish it was under a different circumstance... 

As some of you may know or not know, Sharon (my sister) and Bret’s daughter, Tala, (my niece) has been diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic condition (PFIC) that will likely require a liver transplant. Tala’s start has been anything but easy on her and her parents, however, they have remained resilient and positive every step of the way. 

Despite being poked and prodded as many times as she has, Tala manages to always have a sweet smile on her face. She is a strong, feisty, happy girl, who is facing a long and difficult medical journey ahead

Sharon and Bret have been living and working as international teachers in Dubai for the last 7 years. In March, Sharon was forced to resign from her job and leave the home where they became a family of three. This was due to issues pertaining to health insurance that were completely out of their control, as well as the severity of Tala’s condition. Sharon and Tala are currently living with family in Ontario, Canada, and Bret will try to join them after the school year. Their lives have been turned upside down; they are faced with the difficult task of finding new jobs, a new home, beginning the lengthy Canadian immigration process for Bret, and most importantly improving the health of their beautiful little girl. 

On top of all of this, Tala is currently uninsured. Sharon and Bret have submitted an appeal to the Ontario government to have the mandatory three month waiting period for OHIP waived as they cannot afford the extreme costs of lost wages, the numerous doctors appointments, blood tests, ultrasounds, medications and potential surgery.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that I feel so helpless. Here is our chance to help my sister and her amazing family through this GoFUNDME page set up by her best friend Christie.  Even the smallest of donation is appreciated! Please feel free to share this on your social media!

With so much love and appreciation for any help,

Chris xo

Please help spread the word!

April's In studio Special! {Mommy+Me Minis & Family Minis}

While we wait for the nicer weather to arrive why not jump into Spring with an In Studio Mini Session!

Now booking Mini Mommy+Me or Family Sessions in the month of April.

Must be purchased in full upon booking but can be used anytime this year. For the family sessions there is a cap at 5 family members.

Pets welcome!

Just in time for Easter and Mothers Day!

I can't wait to see you In Studio!

Email me at or text me at 519-635-1003

Saturday Morning {Kitchener Farmers Market Photo Shoot}

I knew by the way Shelley described the type of shoot she wanted that we would hit it off right away. Even though this was a mini maternity shoot I couldnt help but keep shooting and shooting. Lifestyle shoots are still my favourite. 

I had such a wonderful morning last month following her and her beautiful son around the market and then hanging out at home. A shoot to capture just the 2 of them before they welcome a new little member to the family. 


It's February 1st!!! We made it out of the grey days of January! 
For the month of February I'm offering a Head shot special. Photos must be done in my studio located in Kitchener and paid in full in February but can be used anytime throughout the year. 
Email me at or text to 519-635-100


It's time to take a look back over 2016 and say THANK YOU! 

2016 brought forth so many new changes, opportunities and growth, both personally and professionally.

Professionally, I rebranded with the help and great mind of Jen Ross with The Brand House.  She looked deep and helped bring forward a brighter, shinier new website and look for CLICK. Showcasing the Portraits/Lifestyle side or Commercial/Corporate side separately.  I couldn't be happier with the current clean look nor feel like it could represents me better.  2016 I also decided to take the plunge into having studio space.  Shared studio space located in Kitchener, with my gracious studio sister Sylvia Pond.  I'm so thankful to you for this opportunity. I cant wait for the new concepts that I have floating around in my head to become reality in the studio this year.  2016, Click was nominated for the Reader's Choice Awards again and even though we didn't make the top 3, I'm honoured to have made it to the top 10 photographers for KW out of more than 160+. Thank you! Click introduced for the first time Christmas Minis and with the help of designer Andrea Utter with Buttercup Design we had so much fun with the unique sets. I love this girl!  There is nothing like a stylized shoot! Give me pretty and staged and Ill shoot it all day long!  In total Click had the honour of doing 170 shoots with both returning clients and new ones. A real mix between lifestyle shoots and commercial corporate shoots.  Professionally for Click I look forward to more fun in the studio with some new ideas on the horizon. Our sunshine returning for more beautifully lit urban family shoots. Updating the almost 1 year old new website with 2016's images. Offering more surprise specials throughout the year. More newborns, more interiors more families and more corporate/commercial shoots! It's always awesome to see how Click continues to grow and develop each year. Can you believe I've been doing this now for almost 13 years. Time truly does fly when you are having a fun! 

I don't often share a lot of my personal life but it's a new year and things are a changing. Personally, oh personally. Man 2016 what a ride! It feels like a blur. Always forever trying to find that evasive balance between work and home life. Am i right? I'm so thankful to my clients for their continued support as I try to find it like any other mom/entreprenuer.  In looking back over my personal Instagram feed for 2016 for reference for this blog post, (which eventually becomes a coffee table book using chatbooks program) Im reminded of everything that happened. And to be honest,  it looks like it was a close tie between life and work. Busy and busy! ha! Man were we busy. To start the year off we threw a huge 13th birthday celebration for our twin girls with 60 of our/their closest friends and family, a huge blast it was!  I cut my hair all off again, Ha! We finished renovating the kitchen, the basement and my office, took our girls on a surprise trip to New York City.  Dug deep into some relationships that needed some extra attention, love and healing. Experienced vulnerability, read some great novels. Tried wine and paint night, rock wall climbing, a Selena Gomez concert, a Cirque de Solie show, Family WE DAY, a Colour me Rad run, hot Yoga (now Im hooked) and a crazy fun girls weekend escape to New York City in October.  In 2016 I also watched, supported and got to participate with my husband as he began beekeeping. Odd Man Out Honey. We also both decided it was time to put more effort into our marriage and make us a priority. 18 year this past year baby! We hiked the Bruce trail and started weekly hot yoga together on top of our regular Tuesday night date nights. We cottaged with family and friends again and look forward to this every year. We watched as our girls became more independent going off to far away camps and diving head first into the teen age years, with sleepovers, dance competitions and friend life. We welcomed our first beautiful niece into the world. Boy we love her! We also welcomed my nephew Kai from Japan to Canada who's here for a year to experience a North American education and has surprised all of us with how well he has adapted. I said goodbye to a beauftiul human being/momma/wife/friend after her long battle with cancer. Sue you are thought of and remembered all the time. In August I finally decided that fitness should be a forethought and not an afterthought in my life after being inconsistent with it for years and lost 18lbs!! (Im wondering if there's a connection to me loosing 18 lbs and being married exactly 18 years this year?) Crazy how that weight can creep up on you. New beginnings and confidence all around with this victory!

Im gonna be real with you 2016, cause being authentic is ok right?  Professionally you were awesome! But personally, you were exhausting and it's no wonder I crashed and got sick in  December. The sunshine will be returning and 2017 will be a new from all the experiences and gifts brought forth from 2016.  I'm a huge believer in that each experience leads to the next and we are constantly being guided. I have been pretty quite over here the past few weeks of 2017 but I think it's been a really good thing both personally and professionally to take a break and breath.  To put your oxygen mask on and step back and look at what has been and then start to get excited about whats to come both creatively and mentally.  With me having a creative profession I think being quiet can be a very good thing. (even thought this fast mind of mine tends to argue that) I also believe that pausing and reflecting is also a good thing for posterity.  In 2017 my hope is to continue to honour my self care routines in order to continue to be my most creative best self.  Someone mentioned to me this year that they think my style is growing and shifting and I hope that it is shifting to be more authentic and emotive. Thank you for letting me share openly. Everyday you allow me into your worlds trusting me to capture you and your loved ones. I'm so thankful to you all for this and hope to continue to do it for years to come. Thank you 2016! 

With love and gratitude and hope that your 2017 will be a beautiful blend of work and play and real moments. 

Continue to Be the Story, with love, 


And a personal 2016 collage from my personal IG feed 



It's become a thing! Click's Annual November special! SOLD OUT!

Thank you to all my amazing clients who purchased the Family Portrait session Sale Packages!  We are now SOLD OUT . I look so forward to working with you all come 2017! Stay tuned for more surprise deals come the New Year! 


Let's get a jump start on the 2017's portrait season early, with a sale for the first 15 families to book!

Family full sessions are normally $600 and for the first 15 to book the price is $395 and you get everything you'd get if you paid $600.

Gift cards must be used in 2017 and beyond and must be paid in full to receive your gift card. If being purchased for an extended family session please add $75.

This again is first come first serve .

Please email me if interested at

Gift cards will be mailed to you.



First Ever Christmas Mini's are being Offered!

As many of you know, I've never run a Christmas Mini before. To be honest i never have, because I've never been a fan of the sets I've seen. With acquiring some studio space this year a lot of clients have asked if I'd be offering any. At first I wasn't going to but then I got to thinking, what if I did them my way? My style has always been about capturing you, being relaxed and natural in a real setting, capturing you in your lifestyle. What if I created a lifestyle to capture you all in, in the studio? 

With the help of the very talented Andrea Utter with,  Buttercup Design, we created 2 sets. The first, is a relaxed Scandinavian Christmas feel like you'd see in your living space. Simple, graphic black and whites with natural elements and soft pillows.  This studio stylized set is being offered on Saturday, November 5th, from 10-3 pm in Kitchener at my studio. There will only be 10 spots available and first come first serve basis. 25 mins each. Full payment must be made upon booking to confirm your spot. 

The second set is an outdoor Christmas Mini session, I knew this one would have to involve an AirStream (slight obsession with them). That's right, we got a hold of an amazing Airstream!! This set will be offered on Sunday, November 6th, from 10-4pm in Hawksville. There will again be only 10 spots available on a first come first serve basis. 25 mins each. Full payment must be made upon booking to confirm your spot. 

So all you need to do now  is decide which Christmas set best fits you. Please email me for a spot and I will let you know what times are still available. 

Set One $150- Scandinavian Christmas- Saturday, November 5th from 10-3, IN-STUDIO


Set Two $175- The Airstream- 10-4 Sunday, November 6th from 10-4, in Hawksville OUTSIDE SHOOT

I'll be posting some more photos from these promo shoots later in the week.  A big thank you to my amazing models big and little! 


scandi christmas mini ad.png



On top of the city with you! {Kitchener Family Photographer}

Ive had the honour of capturing this family's story since Jen and Todd got engaged. Im so lucky that I get to hang with them and their little girls every year and capture their awesomeness! 

Love you guys!!